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Brite Computers

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Dell Inc

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Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic is a leading provider of electronic enclosures, desks/consoles, and cabinet enclosures. Elma also has divisions for rotary switches, LEDs, components, and backplanes. Our high-reliability switches and encoders are used for 2-way, portable, handheld, and mobile radios and communications systems. Customization is our specialty, even in small quantities. With superior design capabilities, quality, and reliability, Elma is Your Solution Partner.


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Matrox Graphics Inc

Matrox Graphics

Ocean Systems

dTective, from Ocean Systems, is the most widely used forensic video, image and audio evidence clarification system available. With over 1500 systems in service in the U.S. and internationally, dTective is courtroom tested, having been used in a wide range of high profile cases. Because of the power of these tools and Ocean Systems commitment to our customers, dTective is considered by most law enforcement agencies to be the standard, and their system of choice.

WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard Video is the leading manufacturer of police in-car video systems in the US. The WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD Wireless In-Car Video system is the industry's first high definition mobile video system. It features advanced compression technology that uses less server space than standard definition systems. WatchGuard's exclusive Record-After-the-Fact™ feature allows you to go back in time, up to several days, to recover video not initially recorded to the server. World-class customer service.

Wayne Enterprises

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