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Mobile Printers

Romig, Hilary

The market for law enforcement specific products is vastly increasing and advancing with every new item. As technology advances, the products of each of these printer companies improves and meets the needs of customers bringing suitable options for every situation. Read More

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CFM 11 Tablet

Romig, Hilary

The CFM 11 Tablet stands out in particular from other alike tablets from Durabook due to its ability to be easily installed, provide versatile operations, and is equipped with rugged military specs. These features make it equally user-friendly as well as provide resourceful capabilities for law enforcement officers. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  995 Views  /  0 Comments

Laptops Versus Tablets

Brad Brewer

Think this through. There is more to using mobile computing in a patrol vehicle than just grabbing the latest in consumer electronics hardware. Read More

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Rugged & Semi-Rugged Laptops & Notebooks

Romig, Hilary

Ruggedized or semi-rugged, there is a wide variety of laptops, convertibles and tablets for patrol use. These offer real-world advantages over consumer-grade devices in police work. Read More

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Dell Latitude Laptops and Convertibles

Law and Order Staff

Rugged for the real world Read More

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