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Orchestrating the Future of Mission Critical Dispatch

Cranmore, Mark

Console technology should be deployed to help eliminate the complexity of managing a cluttered legacy dispatch console configuration. A single organized screen on the console allows dispatchers to complete multiple tasks at once while eliminating the need for multiple screens. Read More

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Instructing in a "Y" Generation Classroom

Nanavaty, Brian

The law enforcement classroom has dramatically changed: Electronic devices are everywhere as are the distractions from training. Solutions exist. Read More

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Ford-Havis-LAPD Embedded Screen

John Bellah

The technology and upfitting buzz of the season is the joint effort between the LAPD, Ford, Havis and Lectronix for an in-dash mounted screen in the two Ford Police Interceptors. This concept touchscreen is LAPD’s vision of the future police vehicle, the next step forward in police interiors and upfitting. Read More

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Police Vehicle Antennas 101

Brad Brewer

The antenna is one of the most critical, most overlooked, and most misunderstood pieces of the police mobile computing puzzle. You have to get the antenna right to get the communications right. Read More

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The Latest in Headsets

Susan Geoghegan

First responders rely on clear communications during emergency or SWAT operations. The old portable radios with built-in speakers have been replaced with reliable hands-free tactical headsets that provide greater clarity and enhanced security. Read More

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