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Zco PublicEye

Duran, Yesenia

The tool for a world where public safety runs on phones, tablets and wearables Read More

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Trends in Portable Radios

Susan Geoghegan

Land Mobile Radio Systems (LMRS) provide portable communications to first responder organizations, such as fire, police, and emergency services. Read More

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Rugged & Semi-Rugged Laptops & Notebooks

There are a wide variety of both semi-rugged and fully ruggedized laptops, notebooks, convertibles and tablets. Pick the one that fills the need and fits the budget. Read More

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Kodiak and Mutualink’s Interoperability for Broadband PTT

Jennifer Gavigan

Kodiak and Mutualink’s Interoperability for Broadband PTT Read More

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Expanding the Rapid Deployment Response

Cameron, Stuart

Stopping the violence from the school or workplace active shooter is critical, but just the start. Immediate care for the wounded follows very closely behind. Planning for these events should be comprehensive and not simply end once the attacker has been neutralized. Read More

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