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Three Tips to Master Interoperability

Lafeber, Kevin

Interoperability means that different systems can communicate with one another, exchange information, and process shared data. Beyond being transmittable, data must be accurate and useful, and it must be sensible and usable for parties on either end of the system. Read More

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Innovations in Public Safety Communications

The field-deployable wireless network is a major wireless innovation; however, this innovation does not come without its challenges. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  1313 Views  /  0 Comments

State-of-Art Interoperability and Data Sharing

Steve Sweeney

The communication goal is for complete, seamless information sharing. Interoperability can be a reality. Read More

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Impact Power Technologies: Pushing the Portable Power Envelope

Jennifer Gavigan

Impact Power Technologies: Pushing the Portable Power Envelope Read More

    Not Rated  /  1215 Views  /  0 Comments

Communication Technology Trends For 2015

George, Dave

Continued “blending” of the cellular and two-way radio industries in public safety communications has signaled greater importance on end-user application, rather than the device itself. Read More

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