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Mindshare and TimeMachines by CSS Improve Dispatch and Precision Time

Law and Order Staff

Higher Functionality at a Lower Cost Read More

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Tribridge and Cloud Capability

Embracing technology can increase access to data, which allows for more informed day-to-day decisions. It can also seamlessly integrate with other systems, which allows increased efficiency and better customer service. Supportable and stable platforms are the keys. Read More

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Data – Storing, Protecting and Destroying

Stephenie Slahor

Law enforcement today is more about data than ever before. That means data storage, a real concern with widespread use of data-generating body cams. It also, by definition means data protection, like we would any other evidence. Interestingly, it also means properly and completely disposing or destroying data when appropriate. Read More

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Harris LTE-Capable Multiband Portable Radio

Jennifer Gavigan

Designed by and for public safety Read More

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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Video Surveillance Storage

Arvidson, Wayne

Departments are grappling with the numerous considerations associated with upgrading and configuring their storage infrastructure in order to realize the heightened performance, compatibility, accessibility and flexibility requirements of modern surveillance programs. Smart storage should help keep the focus of law enforcement where it belongs: protecting property and people. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  939 Views  /  0 Comments

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