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Data Sharing & Data Management

Susan Geoghegan

Many data management options exist—from dedicated server to cloud computing. Here is a case study on one experience. Read More

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LTE Versus LMR

Brad Brewer

There are many options for voice and data communications that can piggyback on existing systems. What is even more impressive is how well vendors like Motorola and Harris have integrated the best of LMR and LTE in some very impressive packages. Read More

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Repurposing Vehicles for Patrol Use

Cameron, Stuart

As law enforcement agencies traverse the demands placed upon them while at the same time dealing with ever shrinking equipment budgets, creativity is a must. Repurposing vehicles, whether they have been seized from criminals or rendered surplus by the federal government, is a cost effective and creative way to meet the need for specialized patrol vehicles. Read More

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Electronic Citations Overview

Kathy Marks

Law enforcement agencies struggle to do more with less resources and electronic ticketing provides a safe and cost-effective way to handle that issue. Automating the citation issuing and processing system can significantly decrease cost, increase productivity, and improve officer safety. Read More

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Dispatcher's Prayer

_ Anon

Add this to the officer survival toolbox. Read More

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