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Reebok Krios Tactical Boots

Law and Order Staff

Reebok has five lines of tactical and patrol-oriented footwear—the Dauntless series, the Rapid Response RB series, the Hyper Velocity series, and the Fusion MAX series. The latest addition to the line is the Gore-Tex/Cordura Krios series. Made under the Warson Brands umbrella, all these boots carry the Reebok reputation for athletic performance, comfort, and fitness for duty. Read More

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Reebok Triumphs at SWAT Round-Up

Warson Brands, the official licensee of Reebok tactical footwear, was a gold sponsor at this year’s SWAT Round Up International, and sponsored three top-placing teams competing in the event. Read More

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Reebok Duty/Uniform Tactical Footwear

Tactical Response Staff

Reebok has four lines of tactical and patrol-oriented footwear: the Dauntless Series, the Rapid Response RB Series, the Hyper Velocity Series and the Fusion Max Series. Made under the Warson Brands umbrella, these boots and shoes carry the Reebok reputation for athletic performance, comfort and fitness for duty. Other Warson Brands include Rockport Works, Florsheim Work, Iron Age, Rucks, Knapp and Grabbers. Read More

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Social Media: Risk and Liability Issues

Doreen Jokerst, Randy Means

The use of all forms of social media by law enforcement agencies and individual employees has clearly positive aspects but also the risk of serious problems. Read More

    3.7 Rating  /  1677 Views  /  1 Comments

Standardized German Police Uniforms

The trend toward blue uniforms continues. The new fabrics were tested for comfort wear—and citizen acceptance. Read More

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