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Social Media: Risk and Liability Issues

Doreen Jokerst, Randy Means

The use of all forms of social media by law enforcement agencies and individual employees has clearly positive aspects but also the risk of serious problems. Read More

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Standardized German Police Uniforms

The trend toward blue uniforms continues. The new fabrics were tested for comfort wear—and citizen acceptance. Read More

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Bicycle Law Enforcement

Kirby Beck

Check out some of the most common myths and misunderstandings about traffic. Examine reality to increase safety for all road users. As bicycle use among all age groups and all cultures increases around the country, questions will likely arise in your jurisdiction. It is important for police leadership to understand these realities and train your line staff in them as well. Read More

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S&W Breach-Series Tactical Boots

Tactical Response Staff

S&W has three new lines of boots—the Breach-series, Tac-series and Hiker/Tracker-series. Made by Wellco, these S&W brand boots are upgrades to earlier versions. They are lightweight, very high-traction, and police-budget priced. Read More

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DutySmith StreetForce Rapid Deployment Gear

Tactical Response Staff

Working with Officer Bob Hindi, DutySmith has set new standards for tactical accessibility. The flap covering everything has a spring-loaded hinge. The flap is easier to open under stress; the flap remains open; and the holder is contoured and relieved to allow access and rapid deployment of the device. Read More

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