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Sig Sauer Backup Revolver Ammo

Ed Sanow

The revolver is still used off-duty. Read More

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Choosing Your Rifle Scope

Wilson, Warren

Riflescopes today are available with a wide variety of reticle designs, magnification levels, parallax adjustments, field of view, illumination—and at pricing that varies from very economical to incredibly expensive. Be realistic about the task when selecting the scope. The average police sniper distance is 51 yards. With so many decisions to make, here are some tips. Read More

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Choosing a Patrol Rifle Red Dot Optic

Wilson, Warren

Researching the available options before purchasing a red dot optic can ensure getting the best optic for the task. Read More

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Vehicle Gun Racks and Storage Solutions

More and more police vehicles carry rifles and shotguns, more and more police vehicles are broken into to steal weapons, and there is a wider variety of police vehicles in use than in the past 50 years. Many different kinds of storage for firearms allow both security and rapid access. Read More

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Best 380 Auto Ammo

Ed Sanow

At just 200 ft-lbs of energy, the 380 Auto should not be judged by today’s police-duty-load wound ballistics standards. Instead, it should be judged by the performance needed for off-duty and backup scenarios. With the 380 Auto, you cannot have it all. You must pick what you want, and then be sure those loads cycle your pistol. Read More

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