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Stoeger Talon Tactical Shotgun

Sam Smith

The Stoeger P350 is a tactical shotgun that is affordable, reliable, and packs a punch when fired. There are different versions of this shotgun, so it can be carried on the job, used for hunting, or kept at home for self-defense. Read More

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iSnipe Ballistic Calculator App for iOS

Eugene Nielsen

iSnipe is a ballistics calculator app for Apple mobile devices. iSnipe comes pre-loaded with a database of 1,500 bullets and 2,400 factory ammunition profiles, including rifle and pistol loads. iSnipe also includes a built-in database of Litz-derived Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values. Read More

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Mossberg ATR Night Train 308 Win Rifle

Steve Tracy

Mossberg is known for value priced firearms that provide excellent performance. The ATR Night Train bolt-action rifle chambered for the 308 Winchester cartridge proved to have features and accuracy unexpected in its price range, making it a superb choice for officers on a budget that still need to reach out in the distance and hit their targets. Read More

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TACMOD Sniper Chassis System

Configurable to any Remington 700, the TACMOD system is the answer to the need for a smaller overall rifle package. The chassis offers mounting rail options not found on the factory stock, and a fully adjustable cheekpiece. The TACMOD also converts the Remington 700 from a fixed magazine to a box magazine. Read More

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TruGlo TruBrite Reflex Sight

Law and Order Staff

The TruGlo TruBrite is a durable, good-quality, multi-function reflex sight that is priced to fit the “put on every patrol rifle” budget. It has the choice of red or green illumination and the choice of four different reticles. Read More

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