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Ruger AR-556 Patrol Rifle

Steve Tracy

Ruger offers a quality AR-15 with all the features you want, at a price law enforcement officers can afford. The AR-556 is made in the USA and backed up by Ruger’s long-standing reputation for reliability. With the right ammo, the rifle turned in sub-MOA accuracy as well. Read More

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HPR Police Ammunition

Tactical Response Staff

HPR offers a complete line of the popular police loads in all the right calibers. The JHP and TMJ bullets with lead-free primers make for a cleaner shooting experience. ENCOM ammo is designed for suppressors. Black Ops ammo takes wound ballistics to the next level. Read More

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Protecting School Students & Teachers

McBride, JT

Many school campuses are soft targets. By using state-of-the art technology, we can deter, detect and defeat most armed attackers. Read More

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PhaZZer Raptor Less-Lethal Launcher

Law and Order Staff

PhaZZer Electronics has just released their second generation less-lethal launcher, the Raptor™. This follows the successful launch of their new fits-any-rail-mount RailCam™; and their fits-any-Taser X26E/X26P (made-in-U.S.) PhaZZer cartridges. Read More

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Glock 42 and BLACKHAWK! CQC

Tactical Response Staff

The Glock 42 in 380 Auto has revived interest in this under-valued pocket pistol caliber. The Glock 42 is flat, light and concealable, yet it is ergonomic enough to get your hands around it properly, and has the sights to deliver real combat accuracy. Read More

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