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Hornady Critical DUTY Ammo

Ed Sanow

Hornady Critical DUTY ammo feeds and cycles in all police-oriented duty pistols. It has reliable expansion and plenty of penetration in ballistic gelatin after penetrating the common barriers that law enforcement face, i.e., auto glass and car bodies. Similar in appearance, this ammo is very different from Hornady Critical DEFENSE ammo, and specifically developed for duty use. Read More

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ATK’s Federal Premium and Speer LE Handgun and Rifle Ammo

Both the Federal Premium line and the Speer LE line of ammo include bonded duty bullets, conventional hollowpoints, low-cost training ammo, and lead-free training ammo. A line of Force-on-Force marking ammo completes the one-stop shop for law enforcement. Here is a sampling of it all. Read More

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ShotSpotter Working in South Bend

Theresa Marcroft

SST is a leader in gunshot detection, location and analysis technology. ShotSpotter is a system of deployed acoustic sensors spread over a wide geographic area, installation, facility or campus. It can detect the unique audible signal from a gunshot and triangulate the exact position. ShotSpotter provides actionable intelligence in real time. Read More

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Make Big Noise

Steve Tracy

Make Big Noise was an “all-in-one” range and media event that provided a one-stop, hands-on experience shooting law enforcement firearms, using firearms accessories from the aftermarket, and even testing new ammunition. Read More

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Aimpoint Carbine Optic

Eugene Nielsen

The Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) is a new red dot sight designed for “flat-top” AR platforms. It features a 1x parallax-free lens, 2 MOA red dot, one year continuous on operation on a 1/3N battery, rugged waterproof housing, 30mm body, and absolute co-witness with integrated Picatinny rail mount. Read More

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