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The Latest in Bomb Trucks

Kathy Marks

Bomb trucks are a whole category to themselves. Everything about them is special to survive the intended environment. Read More

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2016 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners

Jennifer Gavigan

2016 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners Read More

    Not Rated  /  12356 Views  /  2 Comments

Customized Dodge Charger Pursuit

Law and Order Staff

A Dodge Charger Pursuit customized by FCA Fleet, Whelen, Mopar and Katzkin sets the stage for DARE/GREAT officers to upfit their vehicles. Read More

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Update: GM Law Enforcement Advisory Council

Law and Order Staff

The news from GM Fleet is a lower cost and more available Tahoe PPV, and a brand-new police-oriented sedan, the Impala Admin. Read More

    Not Rated  /  3357 Views  /  0 Comments

Malibu (Full) Hybrid

Police Fleet Manager Staff

The redesigned 2016 Malibu is bigger, longer and lighter. For 2016, the Malibu Hybrid gets a true, full hybrid drivetrain with battery-only and blended battery electric with gasoline engine modes. For admin use, the new Malibu is an excellent choice. For fleets with a serious green fleet commitment, the Malibu Hybrid should be one of just a two-car short list. Read More

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