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Preparing for the SWAT Round-Up

Mickey Davis, Jim Weiss

Medieval knights had their jousting tournaments; SWAT has the Round-Up. The team events are Hostage Rescue, Pricher Scramble, Officer Rescue, Tower Scramble, and the Obstacle Course. Read More

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TacOps East 2014

Beresnoy, Larry

Hands-on, live-fire, classroom, instructor certs Read More

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Fight with Light

Donaldson, Charles

Assume the bad guy is at least as intelligent, determined and motivated as you are. Many have been in prison where they practice new tactics. Using light against us is one of them. That makes our ability to aggressively use high-intensity light all the more important. Read More

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SWAT Risk Management and Liability Reduction

Morefield, Bradley, Randy Means

Deliberate indifference to obvious training needs can cause the department to be held liable. Deliberate indifference involves more than simple negligence. It requires that the entity’s “policymakers” knew or should have known of an obvious training need—amounting to a deliberate or conscious choice to endanger constitutional rights. Read More

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A Patient Leader is a Successful Leader

Adkins, Art

Technology can assist; it is people who perform. Read More

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