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Training for Bike Unit Supervisors

Dyment, Jim

Supervisors of bicycle units need to be familiar with three key areas to make timely, effective, and lawful decisions: 1) understanding law and policy, 2) understanding the capabilities of bike units, and 3) understanding crowds and crowd psychology. Read More

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Replicating Adverse Dynamics

Nadeau, Lawrence

Training is the cornerstone of every law enforcement officer’s career, and it permeates every aspect of their professional life. The importance of training in law enforcement cannot be overstated because it affects nearly every interaction. Read More

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Disciplining Officer Safety Concerns

Steve Albrecht

Not addressing officer safety issues because you want to wait until the time is right or gather yet another example can be too late. You wouldn’t wait for a small fire to grow into an inferno before responding. You owe your officers, your agency, and your community your best coaching or disciplinary efforts. Read More

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Training for Ambush

Tom Wetzel

Despite the sudden nature of ambushes against officers, the survival rate is actually pretty good. There are a variety of ways that agencies can further improve those odds. The suggested model is a good place to start. Read More

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ILEETA International Conference

Law and Order Staff

The ILEETA conference is a six-day, hard-core, hands-on, high-speed learning and networking experience with training tracks for literally every aspect of law enforcement. The conference includes both hands-on defensive tactics and rifle, handgun and shotgun classes at local ranges. Read More

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