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I Know Everything... and Only Me

Ed Sanow

Don't be that instructor. Read More

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31st Annual SWAT Round-Up International

Mickey Davis, Jim Weiss

SWAT teams from all over the world traveled to Florida for the annual SWAT Round-up. SWAT officers participated in five events where every team came away a winner from the experience. Read More

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AMTEC Less-Lethal Factory Tour

Mickey Davis, Weiss, Jim

ALS manufactures, sells, and trains in the use of a complete line of less-lethal munitions including 12-gauge rounds, 37/40mm rounds and launchers, chemical and diversionary devices, OC delivery systems, stun munitions, and a range of less-lethal related products. Read More

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PhaZZer Enforcer ECD

Tactical Response Staff

PhaZZer® Electronics is the new Sheriff in town when it comes to less-lethal devices. Their Enforcer is a new alternative to the TASER®. Their EqualiZZer is a new alternative to the PepperBall® launchers. Both less-lethal devices are simple, effective and economical options. Here is the info on the Enforcer ECD. Read More

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Crisis Communications

Young, Greg

Talking to someone in crisis is different than talking to someone who is not experiencing the aftermath of a critical incident. Never underestimate the power of your personal and caring presence. It is perhaps the most powerful psychological first aid tool you have at your disposal. Read More

    7.3 Rating  /  184 Views  /  1 Comments

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