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Drunk Driving Simulators Online Degrees, BS, MS Training Aids Training Baton / Defensive Tactics Training Devices, first aid Training Dummies Training Programs Training, physical fitness Training, ammunitions Training, Climbing Device Training, driver equipment Training, driver school Training, Explosive Entry, Breacher Training, firearms Training, Inert Explosives, Improvised Explosive Devices Training, Interview, Interrogation Certification Training, Live-Fire Video Simulations Systems Training, Padded Assailant Training Gear Combative & Defensive Tactics Training, polygraph Training, Range Equipment Training, seminars & conferences Use of Force

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The Integration of Supervision, Management and Leadership, Part Two

Means, Randy, Anderson, Travis

Overlapping layers of the same map Read More

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PhaZZer Electronics CEW Cartridges

Law and Order Staff

The U.S.-made dart/probe cartridges from PhaZZer Electronics are totally interchangeable with the Taser X26 and Taser X26P devices. Competitively priced with Taser cartridges, the PhaZZer cartridges have a tighter probe spread for greater, longer-range hit probability of both probes. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  563 Views  /  2 Comments

The Integration of Supervision, Management and Leadership, Part One

Randy Means, Anderson, Travis

Three different parts of same puzzle Read More

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The “Next Fight” Concept

BJ Bourg

It could be today. Read More

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Wish My FTO Had Told Me

Harvey, William

Young officers need to know about pitfalls that will end their career. They need to be told simply and clearly. These losses are also expensive for the department. Review your FTO program. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  686 Views  /  1 Comments

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