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3D Crime Reconstruction Software Barricades Collapsible Traffic Cones Crowd Control Barricades DUI Checkpoint Signs, Stands Emergency Flares LIDAR (Taser) Radar Speed and Message Trailers Radar, laser Radar, photographic Red Light Enforcement Ticket Writers, computerized Tire Deflation Device Traffic Markers, cones, flashers Traffic Signals, systems, counters

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The Latest in Motorcycle Digital Mobile Video

Duran, Yesenia

Capturing video on the move Read More

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Google Glass Finds its Way into Law Enforcement

Duran, Yesenia

Still just a prototype and not yet available, Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. Google Glass, with the help of CopTrax by Stalker was used by the Byron, Ga. Police Department to perform the first successful field trail of Google Glass by law enforcement officials. Read More

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Upfitting and Ergonomics

Matthew Ayers

Once the vehicle selection has been made and the aftermarket equipment decided upon, the success and ergonomic viability of your finished police vehicle requires the work of a knowledgeable and experienced upfitter. The difference a proper upfit makes in the usability of your “mobile office” cannot be overstated. Read More

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Law Enforcement iPhone Apps

Yesenia Salcedo

Technology has helped law enforcement plenty along the way, and now police officers with smart phones can help themselves to endless information and tools for their jobs with the many apps being created specifically for them—and even with those that aren’t. Read More

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Points of Light From the 2012 PFE

Matthew Ayers

Every major company that makes emergency lights and sirens, push bumpers, prisoner partitions, center consoles, computer mounts, gun racks, police brakes, police tires, radar/lidar, in-car cameras, vehicle graphics, battery saving devices, fleet management software was at the PFE. Not to mention companies that offer upfitting and custom installations. Here are just a few products that caught the eye of our intrepid Technical Editor. Read More

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