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3D Crime Reconstruction Software Barricades Collapsible Traffic Cones Crowd Control Barricades DUI Checkpoint Signs, Stands Emergency Flares LIDAR (Taser) Radar Speed and Message Trailers Radar, laser Radar, photographic Red Light Enforcement Ticket Writers, computerized Tire Deflation Device Traffic Markers, cones, flashers Traffic Signals, systems, counters

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The CLeaR Concept

Ti Goetz

C-CLeaR is an acronym for Command Post, Containment, Long Rifle and React Team. These simple four words serve as reminders for actions that should be taken immediately to gain some measure of control over critical events such as barricades and hostage situations. Read More

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The Latest in Mobile Digital Video

Susan Geoghegan

Today’s digital video capabilities include pre- and post-event recording, high image resolution, quick data transfer, and multi-camera options. Read More

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Federal Signal State-of-the-Art

Police Fleet Manager Staff

All lightbars have 360-degree coverage, but the Federal Signal Vision SLR and Valor lightbars have a priority emphasis on intersection safety. The SmartSiren Platinum offers the maximum control with an easy upfit. The DTX In-Car Video System is the newest addition to the Federal Signal police lineup. Read More

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Upfitting and Ergonomics

Matthew Ayers

Once the vehicle selection has been made and the aftermarket equipment decided upon, the success and ergonomic viability of your finished police vehicle requires the work of a knowledgeable and experienced upfitter. The difference a proper upfit makes in the usability of your “mobile office” cannot be overstated. Read More

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Warrant Service Tactics Course

Ron Yanor

With current budget restraints, certain operations that were traditionally handled by a SWAT team, such as a low-level drug warrant or apprehending a fugitive, may now have to done without SWAT or with only a few members of the tactical team. This sort of training bridges that gap. Read More

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