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What Every Police Leader Should Know About Body Armor

Dale Stockton

Select armor rated to stop your own duty gun. Consider external carriers. Be sure the armor is properly fitted at the beginning, and keep it so. Consider special threats like knives. Consider a mandatory wear policy for all sworn officers or all ranks. Read More

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Up-Armor for Active Shooter Events

Foreman, Michael

The trends are to up-armor solutions to quickly increase protection, armor options for all first responders including Fire/EMS, and Active Shooter response kits with advanced gear. Read More

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DSM Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology

Tactical Response Staff

Protection and comfort in one package Read More

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The Latest in Bomb Trucks

Kathy Marks

Bomb trucks are a whole category to themselves. Everything about them is special to survive the intended environment. Read More

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Vehicle Gun Racks and Weapon Storage Solutions

Brad Brewer

More and more police vehicles carry rifles and shotguns, more and more police vehicles are broken into to steal weapons, and there is a wider variety of police vehicles in use than in the past 50 years. Many different kinds of storage for firearms allow both security and rapid access. Read More

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