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Impact Armor Technologies Level IIIA Ballistic Clipboard

Eugene Nielsen

Bullet-resistant, stab-proof, and a defense against strikes Read More

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Warrant Service Tactics Course

Ron Yanor

With current budget restraints, certain operations that were traditionally handled by a SWAT team, such as a low-level drug warrant or apprehending a fugitive, may now have to done without SWAT or with only a few members of the tactical team. This sort of training bridges that gap. Read More

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ILEETA International Conference

Tactical Response Staff

The ILEETA conference is a six-day, hard-core, hands-on, high-speed learning and networking experience with training tracks for literally every aspect of law enforcement. Read More

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AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Training Facility

Mickey Davis, Jim Weiss

ALS did the right research, asked the right questions, and then spent the money for one of the best training facilities in the U.S. Unique among other training facilities, and the centerpiece of this new facility, is the Corrections Training Pod. Any department with a jail, detention facility, or holding block take note: This is the real deal. Read More

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The Benefits of Contracting for Specialty Team Training

Keane, Patrick J.

Training members of a specialty team is a challenge. An outside certification reduces liability, while non-certified in-house training sets the department up for a successful failure to train or negligent entrustment suit. You must be training to best practices standards. Read More

    9.8 Rating  /  412 Views  /  0 Comments

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