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Why Progressive Discipline Systems Often Fail

Randy Means, Zavitz, Paul

Our systems fail to correct some people then often fail to off-load them. Progressive discipline isn’t applied properly and their performances aren’t evaluated as unsatisfactory in periodic performance appraisals. Read More

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Cowardly Discipline, Part 1

Steve Albrecht

Fear holds back many leaders from making good decisions and doing the right things. This checklist of tips will help. Read More

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E-Bikes for Law Enforcement

Electric bicycles or “e-bikes” for law enforcement offer the convenience of easier propulsion and patrol along streets, sidewalks or trails. They also offer a community-friendly mode of transportation that allows patrolling great distances easily. Read More

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SWAT Risk Management and Liability Reduction

Morefield, Bradley, Randy Means

Deliberate indifference to obvious training needs can cause the department to be held liable. Deliberate indifference involves more than simple negligence. It requires that the entity’s “policymakers” knew or should have known of an obvious training need—amounting to a deliberate or conscious choice to endanger constitutional rights. Read More

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How to Select, Test & Evaluate Officers

Brad Brewer

Constructive feedback comes from a cross-section of officers. Read More

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