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Leaders as Followers

Randy Means

Good leaders must be good followers/team players. Read More

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Improve Operations by Recruiting Female Officers, Pt 2

Dwayne Orrick

In the first installment of this series, the skills and abilities that uniquely qualify females for the evolving needs of law enforcement agencies were identified. Still a number of factors inhibit agencies’ ability to recruit and retain female candidates. Read More

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2015 Grant Guidelines and Resources

Stephenie Slahor

Grant money can mean paying for equipment, special projects, programs or training. From post-disaster relief to cyber security, there may be grant money available that can assist your agency. Read More

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What Works in Municipal Policing

Wolford, John

As proactive police leaders you must always be looking for something that sticks. Something that rings true in your community that can resonate with your citizens and your officers. When you find it, stick with it, improve upon it, and run with it if it fits your core values and reduces crime and disorder in your community. Read More

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Recruiting Female Officers, Part 1

Dwayne Orrick

Female police officers bring many advantages to the department, both patrol and corrections, from being less likely to use excessive force to being involved in fewer vehicle crashes to higher citizen ratings. Read More

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