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Training for Bike Unit Supervisors

Dyment, Jim

Supervisors of bicycle units need to be familiar with three key areas to make timely, effective, and lawful decisions: 1) understanding law and policy, 2) understanding the capabilities of bike units, and 3) understanding crowds and crowd psychology. Read More

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Defensive and Force Tactics for Bicycle Patrol

Martin Day

While the friendly officer image of a bicycle patrol officer is great to have, no one should forget the law enforcement professional on a bicycle is first and foremost a law enforcement professional. Read More

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Career Advancement Through Higher Education

Stephenie Slahor

For many officers, a particular career goal cannot be reached without some sort of college education. This is based on the fact that successful higher education raises a person’s abilities in executive level thinking, strategic alignment and execution of work and projects, and positive results. Read More

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Disciplining Officer Safety Concerns

Steve Albrecht

Not addressing officer safety issues because you want to wait until the time is right or gather yet another example can be too late. You wouldn’t wait for a small fire to grow into an inferno before responding. You owe your officers, your agency, and your community your best coaching or disciplinary efforts. Read More

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Internal Affairs and Risk Management

Morefield, Bradley, Randy Means

Whether a law enforcement agency receives one complaint a month or 100 complaints, the internal affairs function is one of the most important aspects of law enforcement integrity, professionalism, and risk management. Read More

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