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How to Select, Test & Evaluate Officers

Brad Brewer

Constructive feedback comes from a cross-section of officers. Read More

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More Assessment is Needed

McBride, JT

Are we going to lead or be led? Read More

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Defeat Desk Clutter

Wagner, Marie, Albert Varga

Want to be a more effective chief, sheriff or supervisor? Here is one of the best self-improvement ideas a police executive can initiate. In 10 easy steps, you can become more efficient, less stressed, and more in control of your work environment. Read More

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Bicycle Law Enforcement

Kirby Beck

Check out some of the most common myths and misunderstandings about traffic. Examine reality to increase safety for all road users. As bicycle use among all age groups and all cultures increases around the country, questions will likely arise in your jurisdiction. It is important for police leadership to understand these realities and train your line staff in them as well. Read More

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No Second Chances for Probationary Employees

Steve Albrecht

Is a second chance for a probationary employee a good idea or a bad idea? Not a lot of long marriages start with, “I hated him or her for the first 100 dates, but then things improved.” However, there is one exception to the rule of no second chances. Read More

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