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LRAD Corporation

15378 Avenue Of Science
Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 858-676-1112
Fax: 858-676-1120

LRAD systems enable officers to communicate clearly in any operational scenario from SAR, public venue communications, departments of correction and more. Easily accessible and rapidly deployable, LRAD offers immediate enhancement to communication and force protection requirements. As part of field and SRT operations, LRAD significantly extends the standoff perimeter in friendly or hostile environments and outperforms megaphones and vehicle speakers ensuring officers will be clearly heard.

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LRAD Corporation

Communication Center Vehicles
Critical Communication Systems for Public Safety

Tactical Gear
Hostage / Crisis Negotiation Equipment
Tactical Communication Networks

Less Than Lethal

Vehicles and Accessories
Vehicle Accessories

Weapons and Accessories

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LRAD Corporation

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