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Duckbill LLC

1324 Lake Dr SE
Grand Rapids , MI 49506
Phone: 616-456-9705
Fax: 616-456-9135

Duckbill engineers and manufactures Law Enforcement Duty Gear. The unique double clamshell dock integrated into the back of each module together with the anchor and patrol belt combine to form a unitized whole. The holster shank cushion prevents hip and thigh bruising. The synthetic leather material used throughout is extremely rugged, very lightweight, water proof, easy to clean and resists scratching and marring better than leather. Available in black basket weave, high gloss or matte finish.

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Duckbill Unitized Duty Gear

Released by Duckbill LLC in April 2011

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Duckbill LLC


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Duckbill LLC

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