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Manufacturer Profile:

SKB Corporation

1607 N O'Donnell Way
Orange, CA 92867
Phone: 714-637-1252
Fax: 714-283-0425

SKB Corporaiton has been manufacturing molded plastic transport cases for many types of industries including military, law enforcement and emergency applications. SKB's MIL-STD cases are lightweight, watertight, impact resistant. They include wheels, easy to use trigger release latches, stainless steel locking loops and will accommodate short guns, tactical gear, electronics and scopes,as well as gear for emergency equipment for first responders. SKB Hardcases carry a Lifetime Warranty.

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SKB Corp. 3i-504 4-DR MIL-STD Watertight Doub

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SKB Watertight Weapons Case

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Products and Services Offered by

SKB Corporation

Personal Equipment
Ammunition Cases
Bags, duty gear
Cases for Technology, valuables
Credential Cases
Gun Cases


Forensics / CSI

Tactical Gear
Hard-sided Gear Cases

Weapons and Accessories
Hard-sided Gun Cases
Pistol Lockers
Weapon Accessories

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SKB Corporation

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