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Manufacturer Profile:

Advanced Materials Laboratories Inc

10 W 65th St, Ste 2E
New York, NY 10023-6603
Phone: 212-712-9392
Fax: 212-712-9387

Manufacturer of Protectojet Model 5 teargas ejector and accessories. Contains CS or CN or OC Solvent or OC Water Based fog formulations. Will affect a large group of aggressors within few seconds, from up to 60 yards in still air.

Products and Services Offered by

Advanced Materials Laboratories Inc

Less Than Lethal
Tear Gas Dispensers, aerosol
Tear Gas Dispensers, fog
Tear Gas Dispensers, gun launched
Tear Gas, OC

Personal Equipment
Nightsticks, batons, billies

Weapons and Accessories
Weapon Accessories

Dealers Offering Products and Services by

Advanced Materials Laboratories Inc

Officerstore (Coatesville)

Ray O'Herron Co Inc (Danville)
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