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Guardian Protective Devices Inc

154 Cooper Rd, Bldg 703
West Berlin, NJ 08091
Phone: 856-753-5007
Fax: 856-753-1131

Guardian Brand Pepper Spray.Proven to be the best in a blind test by the USA Military. Recieved a Commendation from the US Army after in field use (Iraq). Pricision Tools for the Professional: Law Enforcement, Military, DoD, Government Agencies and Corporate Security. Also we provide training. Tested in the harshest environments on the most hardened criminals in the world. Many talk the talk, The Guardian walks the walks

Products and Services Offered by

Guardian Protective Devices Inc

Personal Equipment
Bags, duty gear
Holsters, fabric
Holsters, leather

Tactical Gear
Grenades, Stun
Personal Protective Equipment
Riot Gear

Less Than Lethal
Tear Gas Dispensers, aerosol
Tear Gas Dispensers, fog
Tear Gas, OC


Weapons and Accessories

Dealers Offering Products and Services by

Guardian Protective Devices Inc

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