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Digital Facial Identification Systems

1619 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310-899-9128
Fax: 310-899-9128

D.F.I.S. is an In-Field Report Writing System for Facial Identification and Facial Classification System designed for first responding patrol officer/deputies. It is a hand held facial imaging and facial mapping system. We offer a neural networking system that is set up to recognize faces in data bases. D.F.I.S. improves upon Eyewitness Identification and Patrol Tactics.

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Digital Facial Identification Systems

Publishers; books, manuals, periodicals

Personal Equipment
Clipboards, holders

Interoperability Equipment
Mobile Data Terminals

Composite Sketching
Report Writing

Computer Hardware
Computers, handheld

Identification Equipment

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Digital Facial Identification Systems

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