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October 11, 2014

Navy Commissions USS 'America' In Fleet Week Ceremony on SF Waterfront

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October 1, 2014

10 Cars Most Likely to Get Ticketed

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September 30, 2014

Pink and white patrol car joins police department's fleet

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September 17, 2014

Ford to offer Police Interceptor surveillance tech to competitors

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June 18, 2014

Bianchi Meets Agency Requirements for Leather Equipment With Affordable PatrolTek Leather Duty Gear

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Top Articles

Debunking Gender Role Myths

Petras, Christopher, Lisa Grace

Through collaborative leadership, law enforcement administrators can eliminate the negative effects of gender role myths in the workplace and build exemplary organizations. It is critical to understand gender role myths and the consequences of these myths. Read More

    9.5 Rating  /  2253 Views  /  2 Comments

Police Vehicle Ergonomics & Upfit Safety

Brad Brewer

We can’t upfit today’s cars like we did the CVPI. The overall space is obviously smaller, and there are many more airbags. Everything we add to the vehicle has an officer crash-safety and officer ergonomic-health concern. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  1582 Views  /  0 Comments

Advanced Technology Presents Maintenance Challenges

Belluomo, Michael

Direct Injection engines have both valuable gains and unique sensitivities; they can be well-maintained by understanding a few important points. Number one is that quality in delivers quality out. From engine oils, to fuels, all play a key role in keeping these engines operating at peak performance. Read More

    7.3 Rating  /  1379 Views  /  0 Comments

Computer Voice Stress Analyzer

Stephenie Slahor

The computer processes the voice frequencies and displays a graph “picture” of them. There is no need for strictly “yes” or “no” answers, and the computer process can “follow” unstructured conversation, recorded conversations, and live telephone conversations…with a 95 percent accuracy rate. Read More

    8.0 Rating  /  1070 Views  /  1 Comments

Patrol Use of Shields

Bevan, Melanie, Lord, Robert

The more shields that can be deployed to the field, the more likely one will be available when seconds matter. Agency leaders should begin to categorize ballistic shields for their patrol officers as a necessary and required component in their everyday arsenal of tools available to maintain a safer and more effective police force. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  941 Views  /  0 Comments

Chemical-Detergent Suicide

Fuxa, Gary

Walking up on the report of a suspicious occupied vehicle may require more attention and patience. Knowing the signs of a chemical or detergent suicide can prevent first responders from becoming exposed to toxic chemicals when opening a vehicle door without proper protection. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  913 Views  /  0 Comments

Hardware-Independent ALPR Systems

Kevin Klein

Traditional ALPR systems combine hardware and software packages, including specially engineered dual-system cameras with full-color and infrared imaging capabilities. Today’s more advanced ALPR systems are software-only and eliminate the need for special hardware. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  601 Views  /  0 Comments

Saving Police Marriages

Sanborn, Beth

Marriage requires compromise, a concept sometimes difficult to accept. Police spouses may not have considered spending their anniversaries alone, attending parties by themselves, or acting solo in social situations. Here is how to keep it all together for everyone’s good. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  287 Views  /  3 Comments

Replace Sedans with Pickups

Police Fleet Manager Staff

Police fleet managers from coast to coast and border to border are in the midst of the largest transition in police vehicles since the 1950 police package. All of law enforcement is going from the Ford CVPI to “something else.” In a growing number of police and sheriff’s departments, their needs assessment has pointed to the ½-ton pickup for routine patrol. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  525 Views  /  0 Comments

Sig Sauer Academy’s Bullets Versus Cars

Steve Tracy

Sig Sauer’s impressive training facility includes the shooting ranges you would expect along with an obstacle course and a 1,000-yard range you may not expect. One of the Academy’s courses involved shooting into and out of cars, including shooting from a moving vehicle. Read More

    10.0 Rating  /  503 Views  /  0 Comments


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